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Certificate Number MCS 1254 Heat Pumps

Microgeneration Certificate Scheme

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is owned by the department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR formerly the DTI). It is designed to evaluate products and installers against robust criteria for microgeneration technologies, providing greater protection for consumers and ensuring that the Government's (ie. taxpayers) grant money is spent in an effective manner.

This new scheme will underpin BERR's grant scheme, the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, and grants will be available to applicants using both products and installers certified under MCS. Other initiatives, such as the proposed stamp duty land tax relief for new zero carbon
homes, are also likely to use MCS in the future. MCS has replaced the product and installer registration schemes

The aim is to:
Help build a rapidly growing Microgeneration industry based on quality and reliability

  • Help to substantially reduce the UK's dependency on fossil fuels and cut CO2 emissions
  • Assure customers that products and installers meet, and continue to meet, robust standards
  • Grow the Microgeneration industry

With the MCS certified Ecodan range and using Approved Ecodan Installers registered under the MCS, homeowners will be eligible to benefit from grants under the fore mentioned scheme.
For further detail on how to apply and the latest information regarding the MCS please visit

Certificate of Approval


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