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Mitsubishi Electric Package

Our Promise

Green Air Heat Pumps offer you the best guarantee that you will ever get - our reputation. The majority of our work comes from positive recommendation by our customers and we cannot afford to let that impeccable reputation suffer as a result of dissatisfied customers.

We promise to always:-

  • Put you, the customer, first and try to meet every requirement.
  • Leave your house clean and tidy as it was when we arrived.
  • Always have someone available on the phone during standard working hours to resolve your queries.
  • Treat any complaints with great importance.
  • Return a year from installation date to service your cylinder and Ecodan.
  • Offer a grant to reduce costs where possible.
  • Offer a standard 1 year guarantee on labour, this can, if necessary, be upgraded to 2 years.
  • Adhere to the Mitsubishi guarantee period of 2 years; we will then operate an increased period of guarantee for a competitively priced fee.
  • Urgently resolve any labour defects arising from faulty installation/repair work within the guarantee period.
  • Labour defects outside of the guarantee period may, at our discretion, be repaired free of charge or partially charged upon inspection.
  • Provide you with a reimbursement when, as a satisfied customer, you refer us to a family member or friend.  The £100 voucher reimbursement will be paid upon successful completion of the installation.

Certificate Number MCS 1254 Heat Pumps

Green Air Mitsubishi Electric package

The Green Air Mitsubishi Electric package offers significant benefits to the housebuilder:

  • If you are looking to build reduced carbon housing to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes
  • Have planning restrictions requiring alternative energy
  • Only have an electrical power supply on site or you wish to avoid the costs of gas infrastructure

The unique Green Air Mitsubishi Electric air source energy package comes with:


  • Free initial assessment of the suitability of the package for your house types
  • Free design of the heating and hot water system
  • A site visit to view an operational air source heat pump if you require

A one stop shop for any in-warranty problems with the system.  We take responsibility for all aspects of the package so you know who to contact.


  • Compared to a traditional condensing gas boiler / cylinder combination the package will reduce CO2 emissions typically by up to 40%.
  • Either under floor heating, conventional radiator circuit or a combination of the two can be used.  Under floor heating maximises the efficiency of a heat pump installation but is not essential. 
  • The air source heat pump is sited outside the house, freeing up space in the kitchen otherwise used for the boiler.
  • Compared to a conventional electric heating system the package will reduce CO2 emissions typically by over 60% making it the undisputed low-carbon preferred choice for housing using an electrical power source.


  • The air source heat pump is very straightforward to install by a plumber with a conventional two pipe flow and return. It is installed outside, adjacent to the property and is approved for weather protection.
  • The Mitsubishi heat pump is inverter driven, matching output exactly to the required load, making it exceptionally quiet in operation.
  • The cylinder would normally be fitted in the airing cupboard and it provides mains pressure hot water and all system components needed for the heating in a pre-packaged appliance.
  • As the air source heat pump uses electricity, there is no need for a gas supply, flues and the associated costs.
  • The air source heat pump uses a standard, single phase electrical power supply available in any domestic property.



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