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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Air Source Heat Pump?
An air source heat pump is an energy efficient method of heating your home or building, replacing the conventional gas or oil fired boiler.  It is classed as a source of renewable energy.

Logo Will it work in winter?
Air source heat pumps have the capability to remain efficient even in extreme cold; they continue to function down to -15°C.  As average winter temperatures in England are around 5°C there should never be a problem.  This is a very popular system in Scandinavian countries where the temperature is considerably lower for longer periods than we experience.
Logo How efficient is an Air Source Heat Pump?
This system has the ability to reach 350% efficiency, with a CoP of 3.5; this means it can convert 1kWh of electrical energy into 3.5kWh of heat energy.  The most efficient traditional condensing boilers only reach around 90% efficiency.
Logo How much space will it take up?
Unlike some units, the Mitsubishi unit we supply is relatively small, the cylinder will fit in an airing cupboard as a normal hot water cylinder would and the Ecodan heat pump unit can be sited outdoors, freeing up cupboard space which would otherwise be filled with a boiler.
Logo Will it make a lot of noise?
The external heat pump unit operates at 49dB, this is similar to a refrigerator and as it will in most cases be sited outdoors any noise produced will not be heard indoors.  This is quieter than all the competitors systems.
Logo Can I keep my existing radiators?
In most cases your existing radiators will be adequate with this system, however it is recommended that underfloor heating is used where possible in order to maximise the efficiency.  In certain cases it may be necessary to increase the sizes of radiators due to this system running at a lower flow temperature than a boiler would.
Logo How much carbon dioxide can I save?
There is the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50% if you switch to an Ecodan air source heat pump.
Logo What savings can I expect in running costs?
A saving of between 20 and 30% in running costs can be made by switching to an Ecodan air source heat pump.
Logo I haven’t heard of this technology, can I trust it?
Yes, this technology has already proven successful across Europe with 250 000 domestic installations in 2006 alone and in 2007 80 000 units were installed in Sweden; it is increasingly becoming a popular option in the UK.
Logo Why do you use the Mitsubishi Ecodan and not other systems?
After extensive research and viewing other systems in action we made the decision that the Mitsubishi Ecodan would be the best system to invest in and promote.  It is the best combination of efficiency and value for money.  Also Mitsubishi are a well established, reliable and very financially stable company.